Numismatists note: Spirit of Haida-Gvai and gold maple leaf

Ten kilograms pull new Canadian coin, minted at the famous Canadian Mint. This impressive weight is consistent with an equally impressive par: one hundred thousand dollars.

The coin is made of pure gold – 99.9999%. On its obverse – portrait of Elizabeth II, and the reverse – mythological characters by Canadian artist Bill Reid. His works are very popular, one of them you can see a 20-dollar bill: the sculpture “The Spirit of Haida-Gvai”. She decorates and new coin. The basis of the artist’s work are Indian motives.

Only 15 of these coins will be minted. The first of them will go directly to the exhibition in Vancouver. Price coin, of course, will not be equal to its face value; In this unique case, the price is determined by demand on the collector considering its exclusivity and workmanship.

However, the same coin, which is only now, and experts say, will not be the biggest of those that struck at the Canadian Mint. Much more spectacular and famous “Gold Maple Leaf” in denominations of one million Canadian dollars. Since 2007 it was made all five of these unique coins of gold purity “five nines” – 1000 parts by weight has to 999.99 parts gold. Coin weight is 100 kilograms (3,215 troy ounces), diameter – 53 cm, and thickness – three centimeters.

“Gold Maple Leaf” came in first place in the world, leaving behind released in Austria in honor of weighty Philharmonic coin “Big Phil” denomination of 100 thousand euros. Her weight was 31 kilograms.

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