Serbia – ten secrets and discoveries

In many ways the creative credo of the rarest on the courage of the writer is contained in her statement, addressed to the friends: “I love and admire the work of any poet, an artist, a creator with the highest civil position, before the wisdom and love of the homeland, its history, before the power of the spirit” .

On the “Literary Page” of our Internet portal published a wonderful form and the content of the “Russian” Detective Svetlana “Cosmic Esperanto: What is the name of God” .In the eve of Christmas in our traditional heading “Point of View”, we offer our readers an opportunity to get acquainted with hot and fine journalism S.Savitskoy “SERBIA – TEN mysteries and discoveries.”


The assertion that the best Russian – Serbs, in Russia there is a lot of years. But in Belgrade, I heard something else: the best Serbs – is Russian. So, can we one? No better and no worse, and there is a single time large-Slavic fortitude?

Why, toured Europe, I have to return again and again to the Balkans? Why not France, not Belgium, Germany does not care about the nerve? Why Serbia with the first world and the second? And, finally, why NATO bombed either Belarus or Slovakia, or the Czech Republic or Ukraine, or Russia? Why Serbia? WHY???? I’ve been searching for the answer to this question. I found him. Contrary to Serbia. Contrary to Russia. Despite herself. But it had, in the words of Alexander Dol’skij, “found in the skeleton of the cell universe black void, destroy it to the ground” and start looking for a single harmony. And what is it?O Lord! Yes to love!

There, in Serbia once it happened a landmark event. After the bombing I was in a party of schoolchildren and read stories. Bestowed book. Children were asked different questions. But this, this issue is a little girl brought me into a complete stupor:

– A Russian likes to Serbia?

What could I answer her? I? Who I am and what I’m on this planet? “The thing I’m trembling, or have the right” to respond not so much for “Odessa”, and for the power? But on the other hand – I fractal small to large, and my little opinion can induce both love and hate, like war and peace between whole nations, whole worlds. I am at this moment and at this hour – not even the representative of the Russian and Russian-speaking have scattered fragments on the globe without borders of the world, here in the Balkans. Feeling both a reproach and curiosity and craving for the second hot trusting heart, I firmly and gently, looking directly into her eyes, said:

– Do not doubt this. Russian love Serbia!

And then, a few years later, when the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Serbia in Moscow, Jelica Kuriak we had in Balashikha in the museum of fairy tales on the Day of Kindness and gathered students of seven classes of the same approximate age as the one-eyed cute Balkan girl I told them about his predicament, and asked her to answer the question yourself:

– A Russian likes to Serbia? – I asked them.

And the children, not saying a word, and without hesitation, shouted:

– Daaaaaaaa! Russia likes! Loves Serbia!

In Jelica tears ran from his eyes …

Around that time I began the novel “untangle the time”, which brought a lot of discoveries. Recognition and awards. But here’s the paradox. Already released in light of the idea of the novel, dressed in paper and electronic form, continues to excite and encourage the constant search for an answer to the question of the girl. And whether Russia likes to Serbia? Did Serbia loves the world? And if the world loves himself? Why on one side of the black square “barricades” with ice soulless dollar sign stand firmly all NATO countries (I mean the governments of these countries), capable for wiggling his eyebrows invisible owner of “assets” to do something collapses and crises, the 78 days of the 40 countries of the bomb peaceful countryside and the city, and on the other – the Slavs with hot ideas love? Ideas “knight of the round table.” Ideas “not uvoruy”, “Thou shalt not steal,” “Do not commit adultery”, ideas “nobility”.

And I begin to investigate first, “Faith and the truth? This is an idea or an epidemic? For Faith and Truth fought by our ancestors. All of them died. All of us … ”

Now I press on the “end” of the novel “untangle time.” He’s not finished. Again, I repeat: “Get out of colored glass glasses! For his work, my soul! Unravels the time! You still have to say the most important thing! ”

And it turns out that the question is not true, the point is not whether Russia likes of Serbia, and whether Russia likes to Russia? And that keeps us from doing this ?!

Previously, I thought – what to put in some newspaper notes? After all, as everyone knows everything! Why call people to justice? For Love? To order? Why so much talk about the hearts of ecology? After all, the sky and so blue. Sun yellow.

But I realized over time. It should! We must tell people the truth. After all, some people … people are different! And for one half – for others – the ceiling!

After all, “hundreds of bull,” as Lope de Vega put it, “a dubious embellish the truth” harmful and dangerous. They are then forced to pay for our children’s soul issues miraculously dodging NATO bombs when Russia indifferent glances from side to this mess:

– A Russian likes to Serbia?

– Yes! Loves! And who does not love does not Russia – I would have said now. And that’s why.

Opening of the first

In every corner, in every hotel of Serbia – its minibakery. Therefore, all the time, smells of hot cakes. The bread is especially good on the second day, when the pores are baked of corn gaining strength. While you would not have clicked on this white miracle – all instantly acquires a former volume.

So Slavic land – as its not push, no matter how much torment, she gives birth to tillers and soldiers …

And in Serbia, the smell cut grass, watermelon, grapes and peppers.

There is not one country in the world, where would not like Russian as in Serbia. This love at the genetic level. It can not be analyzed. It is impossible to understand, but only to accept and thank God for what it is.

And they believe in Russian and in the strength of our nation. People came to the literary creative evenings and tried to raise questions completely different competencies – they asked to get drugs for rare diseases by relatives, or to solve the problems of youth unemployment …

After a few days of your stay you know – Serbia looks at Russia as the youngest daughter of his mother.

It all starts with the aircraft.

This gives the impression that the wing smoothes tapestry. Yes, home-made cloth, assembled from strips of mowed fields. At the embroidered canvas houses. Before the incredible neat toy. The whitewashed walls. Top – red tiled roofs. The windows: flowers seem invisible. They are placed around the garden and along the road front gardens. All this is reminiscent of an amazing story, which we have always wanted to get there, but for some reason never got. And when they saw – confused – is it possible – a fairy tale in reality?

Throughout Serbia are the houses of the peasants, or rather of farmers. And it does not fit the idea – as might have been in our “civilized” time bomb 78 days fairy tale? How?

When I went to the first class, the first thing I was really intrigued – the color of the hibiscus. High unusual bush lived in a huge dining room in a striped tub. And from time to time bloomed maroon – red flowers. Everyone called him home rose. Schools Kragujevac are also growing these hibiscus. But they grow and on the streets. And bloom constantly. Perhaps this is their homeland.

Hibiscus happily swim in the freedom-loving Balkan sun, as in constantly enveloping happiness.

Since the time of the battle of Kosovo centuries-old history of these places shakes constant bloody wars. People can not grow like roses in pots, they have to fight for power. Very beautiful place in Belgrade.In Russian White City. Danube meets the Sava river. At the confluence of the mighty river high on the hill – an old fortress, chosen by the ancient Slavs and then by the Romans. After 500 years, Serbia has been under the Turks. And then … So far, so terrible. Traveling “in Tsarigrad”, the great French poet Alphonse d’Lamartin in 1883 passed through Nis and saw Chela-Kullu, built from the skulls of Serbian rebels killed in combat on Churg in 1809, he wrote in his “Notes on Serbia”, “Let Serbs keep this monument. He will teach their children, which is independent of the people, and what price to pay for freedom of their fathers! ”

Show me and the monument, which still remained the inscription: “If you love Serbia you’ll go on!”


And beside him blossomed hibiscus. And its flowers are red blood. It spilled her a lot. Lots of.






Napoleon, a solemn march passed through Europe and only slightly stain with white gloves, reached the same to central Russia. But, ladies and gentlemen! How behaves Kutuzov? Well, just in Chechnya, Yeltsin! One in one! What is he doing? Why leave abroad? Why do not … What is it? Great way? Or the great betrayal?


But it seems that the two governments agree between themselves in vain. Freedom-loving Russian heart is difficult to anger. Only here a case. Stuck Napoleon in the Russian snow and a spent force in the guerrilla war.


And my great-great-grandfather, Basil, commander of Hussars, drove the French from Smolensk. Drove then for a long time in Europe. And the sword was dissected his face … And “Frenchman”. And the Frenchman? Russian still smiling slyly at this word.


And so, it seems, will be with anyone who will trample against the law of our God.




It happened after a hundred years, that map of the world does not like those who sat in the ministerial chair.


It so happened that the German people the idea of fascism clouded mind. On the way to Russia was a small Serbia. Very easy to capture the major cities and roads. But the land of the Slavs Since the dawn rested on the shoulders of peasants. Spontaneously resistance Hajduk was born.


It so happened that in the last 7 thousand kilometers from Kragujevac in the Siberian village of 240 households took all the strong men of war. Siberians went to the parade on Red Square by Stalin went straight to the front. Among them was my grandfather, Peter Fedorovich.


The history spiral twisted and strange as repeated. The question is simple. Why did Stalin led the troops to the border before the war? What was it? Great strategy? Or again the great betrayal?


… In Russia, it was snowing. And in Serbia was a golden autumn. The Germans could not understand why they are such neat and smart, these favorites, not like in the occupied territory. Resistance was gaining strength. The guerrillas set fire to warehouses, roads marred by sabotaging equipment, destroyed the German soldiers.


Nazi command issued an order – for each dead German – shoot 100 Serbs, for each wounded – fifty! City of Kragujevac has been surrounded by very quickly. All the men were taken prisoner, including children gymnasium.


The sentence was carried out immediately. The uprising crushed in blood.


On the hilly meadows, is now the “Spomen Park October 21” (a memorial park, Memory Park) were dug long trenches, where 13,000 men were shot body fell.


And 6 days creek, located at the bottom of expired human blood …


It just happened. Russian artillery were victorious march through Kragujevac exactly 4 years is October 21, and freed the land from fascism. They shared with the local kids your doppaykom. And went on.Among them was my grandfather. For him, the war ended in Czechoslovakia. He returned to Siberia. A month later he died of his wounds. In the Siberian village then returned to all three men. Three crippled.


And someone was here. Forever germinating in hibiscus flowers.






Nothing was left to witnesses. And the inhabitants of Kragujevac already think it’s just a legend. Only Nebojsa Dividing monument titled “Crystal color” similar to the split stone flower, but Gypsies, transmitting the history of word of mouth, can tell you how it really was.


Germans have sown death, freely settled in the city. Serbian women hid children. Hidden views. Hidden thoughts.


In those days there were many palatochek where worked cleaners shoes – small Gipsy boys.


And it so happened that one of the German soldiers decided to clean his boots. But the boy got up and left. And it was a long time in a tent. Then the soldiers went to another gypsy bootblack. But he did not clean the boots of the conqueror.


The soldier reported the officer.


On that day were arestovano15 shoe shiners in age from 8 to 12 years. They were taken, along with their fathers.


Small. Curly. They stood at the grave dug for them, gulping air dry lips last. Their boyish serdchishki jumped from fear. But no one cried. They were shot one by one. That first, was the last. His eyes shot everyone, but even when there was no one left, and no one would have seen his heroism, he again refused to clean the boots fascist …


October 21, 2006 romaly, as every year, and I’ve seen it, have brought here a wreath with the inscription: “small shoe shiner.”


Great in the day was a demand for wreaths!


So. NATO bombed Serbia. All over?


I’M AGAINST! Suppose that in my eyes the NATO bombing and all other countries. Even then I’m against it. So that? This is only my “Jihad”? I’m alone? Now I have something for that gypsy? And Russia?Russia loves Serbia? Not that, “cultural” Russia, Lord, not the one that sits at the “blue bar” and admiringly looks like someone has someone in the “House of the two” or Mrs. Pugacheva the fifth time getting married! I mean the cultural Russia, which we rave in my dreams !!!!!


What after the bombing? And this is – the most interesting. After the bombing – the economic blockade. Serbia? No. Although this country is more than we got. Who is next?


Russia is fragmented. Drained of blood. Obeskulturena. De-energized. Obessterzhnena. Where is our economy? “On the Big Karetny”?


What, I’m sorry, pricks, a dozen wise men imposed on our family, I’m sorry again for indecent, but, mind you, is the gentle word in this case the “vouchers”? Why this funny “naperstochnaya game” in the “first stabilization fund”, which with the help of professional corrupt lawyers veseleshenko transformed into a “first pension”, then it safely “slept in a Bose” there’s probably where “stabilization fund.” By the way, I’m sorry, what, the hell did he end up in America? To burn?






It so happened that the 40 countries included in NATO. All of them agreed that the land of Kosovo, where the first historical Christian monuments, it is not necessary to store Serbia. 40 countries have decided – to start pounding this small, has already swallowed tears country.


What for Yugoslavs these Christian relics?


Russian To answer this question, think about – and what for you Temples Golden Ring of Russia? Intercession on the Nerl? Yuriev Polish? Vladimir? Suzdal?


You would be outraged if our heritage was considered the property of the Muslim Caucasus, Buddhist China or Japan?


I would – yes!


Well, actually, and the answer. But this is my answer. And I give him a report.


An interesting fact is that the first bomb fell next to the tomb, where are the hostages were executed by the Germans 1941. According to the “law of the first bomb,” she dropped it on the “Spomen Park October 21”. And then 700 aircraft daily for 78 days throwing bombs on Serbia …


The fact that the eyewitnesses, inadvertently raises the hair on the head. Children of the night sleeping in the cellars. People were leaving the city, and large objects. This saved many lives. Children have told me: “That’s when the planes flew from Italy to bomb, we had time to warn you. Bulgaria is very close … ”

Are not you afraid?

I’m scared! Bulgaria NATO country. At any moment with a wave of world government order Bulgaria … I hope this did not happen, and common sense will prevail. Ukraine, too, by the way, “raring to go” … Although many Ukrainians do not ask – they do not want any synthetic “Ukrainian” language, neither NATO nor the separation from Russia. Translating into Ukrainian Gogol – the idea of foreign Americans look absurd and ridiculous. But, translated!


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